Frequently asked questions 

1. Enrolment procedure, payments 


Planning in advance to reserve the course and accommodation what you wish to take is crucial when it comes to language courses, especially in university cities. In order to make a reservation, you will need to fill out a reservation form online and we will process your booking.

Please bear in mind that by completing our booking form, you agree to the terms and general conditions. This implies that you are committed to payment of the invoice for the requested services.

Please, read the following complete information about how we will process your booking. We are confident that you will find all the information that you may need.


Payment options & Schedule

An invoice/ confirmation will be sent to your e-mail 24-48 hours approx. after your online booking (excluding weekends and bank holidays). The e-mail will include the invoice in PDF with our bank details for an international bank transfer* as well as a link for a secure credit card payment**. Of course, you are free to use either of this two method of payment. 

When should you pay for your language programme?

-Up to 6 weeks before departure: a €200 / $300 / £150 deposit must be paid within 7 working days from the receipt of the invoice. If the total amount due is €2000 / $3000 / £1500 or more, then the deposit will be 10% in stead. The remaining amount needs to be paid 6 weeks before departure to the destination, without reminder on the part of our organisation. For all payments, you will need to use our invoice number.

At the time of the online booking, you can choose to pay your deposit either by bank transfer* or credit card**.

-Less than 6 weeks before departure: If the course is booked less than 6 weeks before departure, than the full amount must be paid immediately as soon as you receive our invoice- confirmation. For all payments, you will need to use the invoice number.

At the time of the online booking, you can choose to pay the full amount either by bank transfer* or credit card** or debit card or Paypal.

2. Courses/Accommodation/activities 

When can I move into my accommodation and when do I have to move out?

You will be expected at your accommodation on the Sunday before the beginning of your course and it will be at your disposal until the Saturday after the end of your course. In general it is possible to arrive earlier or stay longer, you will just have to pay an extra fee per night.

When can I start a course?

There are starting dates throughout the whole year for all levels. For beginners there is usually a starting date once a month and for all other levels there are generally starting dates every Monday throughout the year. The courses start on a  Monday and finish on a Friday. There are no lessons held during the weekends.

Does the school offer excursions?

Yes, every one of our partner schools offers an activity programme. The activities can consist of cultural lectures, city excursions, parties, weekend excursions, sports etc. Some activities are free of charge, but for other you will have to pay at school.

3. Other questions 

Does Indian lingua have a contact person at school?

Once you book the course and pay for the course then you will be told who you can turn to in case you have questions about your course, accommodation or activities. Generally our contacts speak English besides the language you are learning. If not, please feel free to contact us. In case of emergency you can contact Indian lingua on a emergency phone number 24 hours per day.

Is it possible to book a course without accommodation?


Yes, this is possible. On the home page you can find the prices.

Can't find the answer to your question? Please contact the Indian Lingua team by providing some tiny details like destination, duration, dates and also if you need accommodation for the programme you are interested in. Of course, you can ask any other questions you may have and we will reply as soon as possible!!!


4. Online Skype Lessons 

1. What is the difference between a trial lesson and a regular lesson on your website?

You can try a 30 minute free trial lesson with one of our tutors before you opt to purchase a regular 60 minute lesson with our tutor. The trial lesson will give you a chance to experience a lesson with our tutor and to evaluate our tutor's teaching style and the quality of the Skype connection. If the trial lesson goes well for you, you can choose to buy a regular lesson thereafter. A trial lesson is 30 minutes long and is half the length of a regular lesson at 60 minutes.

2. Which books are used in the course?

Our course is based on students' needs. All the teaching materials and exercises are developed by the teacher. In addition, the students will use other support materials such as audiovisual materials.

3. I am not a beginner. How do I find out my level?

If you are not a beginner and not sure about your level, please contact us to arrange a short 30 minute free trial lesson to discuss your needs and allocate you to the right group.

4. How can I buy a regular lesson?

Our website uses PayPal to accept payment. You can use either your PayPal account or your credit card to purchase lessons. If you decide to use a credit card, PayPal's website also accepts credit card payment (there is no need to open a PayPal account for credit card users). For details on how to purchase a 60-minute lesson, please follow the steps given below.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Please click on the "Book a lesson"

2. Select an appropriate course according to your current level and needs.

3. Click on a time slot to proceed with booking. The system automatically detects your  time zone and compares it with my time zone and schedule. The system has recurring option so you can book multiple lessons at one go.

4. Please fill in the required information to complete your purchase, click on the "Pay Now" button. It will take you to PayPal's payment page.

5. From PayPal's payment page, you can pay by credit card, debit card, or pay by your PayPal account (you do not need to create a new PayPal account if you're paying by credit card or debit card).

5. Does your website store my financial information?

No. Our website uses PayPal as a payment gateway. Whatever financial information you submit to PayPal, like your credit card information, will stay with PayPal.

6. What about lessons for children?

Yes, Our tutors are great with teaching children. If you have detailed questions about which of our tutors are best with children, please contact us.

7. What is the difference between a live Hindi tutor versus using software tutorial to learn Hindi?

We believe Hindi has its own complexities and idiosyncrasies that a software tutorial simply cannot cover. There are variations in sentence structure, phrasing, vocabulary, and idioms in the Hindi language that software tutorials do not cover very well. Since you are learning Hindi to communicate to another human being, we believe you are best served by learning with a live tutor.

About us 

Indian Lingua is a language School from Jaipur” that allows you to practice and learn Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi with native teachers. We have a variety of Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi online / in person Lessons / courses adapted to the needs of each student. For all of you interested in Indian culture and learning with locals, we have expertise in offering Immersion and Summer Courses in Jaipur making it easier for you.


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