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Mukesh is a professional Hindi language instructor from the India. He has been teaching Hindi language for last 8 years. He has a Bachelor’s and master's degree and vast experience of teaching Hindi. He has a lot of experience teaching people from all nationalities and age groups and He is very friendly and engaging. He is very passionate about helping my students reach their language learning goals. He will work with you to create a personalized study plan targeted to your needs. He can help you accomplish it.

About the course

The goal of Fast Track to Hindi Fluency is to turn you into a fluent speaker of Hindi on the most common topics of conversation, including "Friends & Family", "Work & Travel" and "What You Did." In all.

The course is structured around numerous, natural conversations between native speakers. Then, from the conversations I will pull out the constructions and will fa track to Hindi fluency course is designed to fulfill the basic communication needs of those who wish to communicate in an Hindi speaking environment.
Since it is a communication/survival-based course, its goal is to give the user certain structures along with a sufficient amount of vocabulary to be used to communicate with Hindi speakers and in certain situations that the user will encounter when (s)he is traveling in India.What are you going to get from this course ?
1. After completion of this course, you will develop skills to communicate independently, with a degree of accuracy and fluency.
2. You will be able to express more abstract and complex ideas.
3. Give the student a model by which they can continue to expand their vocabulary and sentence construction
4. Provide the student with methods and techniques by which they can continue to improve their pronunciation and confidence.

This course is oriented to students who want to improve their Hindi from a beginner level to an intermediate level.

What is the target audience?

All the students who want to learn Hindi should take this course.

Who wants to simply gain greater confidence expressing yourself in day to day life.

Book your session right now and start speaking Hindi from day one!

"Well structured lesson. Focus on getting student's to put complete sentences together and begin conversation from Day One. Highly recommend." Ty Shaikh ,United States

"We had our first session and it went well. I went from knowing nothing to being able to talk about myself. He explained things clearly and encouraged me to start speaking." Zeal, United States

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Indian Lingua is a language School from Jaipur” that allows you to practice and learn Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi with native teachers. We have a variety of Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi online / in person Lessons / courses adapted to the needs of each student. For all of you interested in Indian culture and learning with locals, we have expertise in offering Immersion and Summer Courses in Jaipur making it easier for you.


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