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Hindi Language school in Jaipur, India

Indian lingua is an exclusive Hindi school in Jaipur, India which conducts a variety of Hindi programs for foreigners such as, two hours survival Hindi course, 3 weeks intensive Hindi program, Hindi immersion program, etc. to suit your any level of Hindi. Whether you want to learn Hindi just for traveling or you want to immerse into the culture or study in Indian universities, Indian lingua has a program to meet your needs and interests. Indian lingua also conducts online Hindi classes through Skype to help you continue to practice with experienced Hindi teachers. The experienced teachers of Indian Lingua not only teach Hindi to their students but also help them in exploring India's deep culture, way of life, eating and music through their weekend workshops.

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Hindi Immersion Program

Indian lingua's Hindi immersion program is the best program to deeply immersion into the culture to explore Indian people's way of life while learning Hindi in India. Students attending the Hindi immersion program is hosted by a local family in Jaipur. Our Indian host families are very friendly and during your visit, they always make sure that you feel at home. Our host families can speak in both languages Hindi as well as English so, you will always have the opportunity to have a conversation with the hot masala tea.

 Course duration  - 2weeks/3weeks/4weeks

 2 weeks program  - 34 hours (3 hours every day Monday to Friday)  plus 2 hours workshop every weekend(total 34 hours)

Class place - Classes are conducted at Indian Lingua school

Course price  - 35000 rupees per student (this price includes charges for classes and study material only)

Course availability -   Throughout the year


3/4 Weeks Intensive Hindi Program

Three weeks intensive Hindi program is a very intensive course, designed very thoughtfully keeping in mind the main objective of this course is to teach maximum Hindi in a very short period of time. This program is suitable for those who want to learn maximum Hindi in a very short period of time available to them. Our Super-Intensive course consists of 5 Intensive classes every week and at the weekend there will be a 2 hours workshop. At Hindi workshop students practice speaking, the topic of the conversation changing every weekend, covering such areas as Travel, Shopping, Indian Culture, Leisure Activities, Exploring Jaipur, speaking in Formal Situations, Socializing and Meeting People, Indian Food, Healthcare and Doctors, Sports, and much more.

3 - Weeks Program

Course duration  -  51 hours (3 hours every day Monday to Friday)  plus 2 hours workshop every weekend (total 51 hours)

Class place  - Classes are conducted at Indian Lingua school

Course price  - 51000 rupees (this price includes charges for classes and study material only)

Course availability -  Throughout the year

Two Hours online survival Hindi Course

Two hours Hindi survival course is a short course, designed very thoughtfully keeping in mind the main objective that it works as a proper tool and travelers can use it where they don't have the option to use English or they purposely want to interact with Indian people to have fun during their travel.

Class duration - 2 hours

Class place - Classes are conducted at Indian Lingua school

Course price – 2200 rupees ((this price includes charges for classes and study material only)

Course availability - Throughout the year

What our students say 

Great atmosphere and fun classes! Best immersion experience I have ever had. I have been to Indian Lingua School for four weeks during November/December and I really enjoyed it. I have noticed my progress continue to grow steadily over the weeks. Now, I feel like I have enough Hindi to get by on my own and develop my skill independently. Understanding street chit-chat is becoming easier, watching Hindi T.V. is becoming more enjoyable, and I can usually interpret written texts. The teachers at Indian Lingua are young, fun and competent people. Rather than forcing us to fill out boring and repetitive exercise sheets, they make learning more enjoyable by providing innovative activities and games to keep the classroom engaged. Indian Lingua has their own course materials which is very interactive and is highly effective for students of all levels. The timetable is constantly rotating, so we can benefit from various styles and techniques of each teacher. The school also organised some insightful trips in the afternoons to improve our knowledge of the "culture" I made some life-long friends during my short stay thanks to Indian Lingua. I'm sad to be leaving, but hope to come back soon! I highly recommend this school to anyone considering improving their Hindi - you won't regret it!

— Fanny from China

Qualified Hindi  Teachers
Tailor-Made lessons
Flexible  Class Schedule

All of our teachers have university degrees in Hindi and years of experience in teaching. 

We adapt the classes to your needs – if you want to improve your Hindi for a specific purpose such as work or travel, we can prepare personalised content for you.

Practice wherever and whenever you want  for those who have a hectic work schedule or are full-time parents, we offer you a flexible timetable where you decide when’s the best time to talk some Hindi.

High Speed Internet

We use the most modern methods available today based on the communicative approach. Our teaching is organized in 5 levels, to allow you to learn and improve your language skills according to your needs, and in a way that is practical and fun at the same time.

We won’t let you down! Our teachers have at least 300 Mbit up and download speed so there shouldn’t be any downtimes from our side.

We offer Hindi lesson at very affordable and competitive prices.

Professional Teacher 


Professional Teacher 


Professional Teacher 


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About us 

Indian Lingua is a language School from Jaipur” that allows you to practice and learn Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi with native teachers. We have a variety of Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi online / in person Lessons / courses adapted to the needs of each student. For all of you interested in Indian culture and learning with locals, we have expertise in offering Immersion and Summer Courses in Jaipur making it easier for you.


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